Dedication to the Energy industry

  • Central to GJP International's mission is the dedication to executive search mandates and management audits for the European energy industry.
  • Through our long-term senior management experience and the network of our industry partners, we support our clients in defining the most fitting organisational, strategic and value adding solutions.

Search mandates for Upstream, Midstream & Downstream – Commercial & Technical

  • GJP International's roots stem from building up the first energy commodity trading floors in Continental Europe in the late 90's.
  • Today our mandates cover the entire value chain from exploration & production, infrastructure, plant engineering to sales and distribution – from technical to commercial functions.
  • Since the beginning, a core competence has been the setting up of trading floors for all relevant commodities from soft to hard and energy commodities.
  • Recently a focus has been laid on investment funds and banks, setting up new businesses, e.g. renewables, disruptive technologies, venture capital, etc.

Active in the market since 1998

  • Situated in Vienna, the central economic and cultural link between Eastern and Western Europe, GJP's managers and consultants have extensive experience acquired over the last 16 years in the energy sector.