Reference Projects Energy

Upstream – Midstream – Downstream

Power – CO2 – Gas – Oil – LNG – Finance

Agro Desk Developer Europe
Board Advisor Distribution Network Central Eastern Europe
Board Member Commercial Continental Europe
Board Member Legal / Commercial Germany / Austria / Switzerland
Board Member Finance Central Eastern Europe
Commercial Investment Manager Disruptive Global
Director Investment Renewables Europe (Turkey)
Director Riskmanagement Renewables Fond Europe (Turkey)
Director Exploration & Geoscience Europe / Africa / US / Russia
Divisional Manager Upstream Continental Europe / Northern Europe
Divisional Manager New Venture E&P South Eastern Europe / Central Eastern Europe / Russia
Drilling Manager Europe / Africa / Russia
Energy Trader Cross Commodity Continental Europe / UK
Financial Director / CFO CEE
Fuels Trader Continental Europe / UK
Gas Originator Continental Europe
Gas Portfolio Analyst Europe
Gas Trader Shortterm Europe
General Manager New Venture Gas / Oil Russia / Romania / Ukraine
General Manager Origination CEE Central Eastern Europe
Head of Accounting Central Eastern Europe
Head of Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) South Eastern Europe
Head of Energy Economic Reporting & Sales Generation Continental Europe
Head of LNG Analysis Europe
Head of NW Power Markets On hold
Head of Power Plant Development Continental Europe / Central Eastern Europe
Head of Technical Power Plant Engineering Russia / UK (on hold
Head of Technical Project Development Turkey
Head of Technical Authority Electrical Engineering Europe
Head of Oil Market Continental Europe / Northern Europe
Head of CE Power Market Risk Europe
Head of Nordic Power Market Risk Northern Europe
Head of Power Market Risk Europe / Focus UK
Head of Project Services Europe
Head of Portfolio Analysis Nordic Northern Europe
Head of Risk Reward and Optimisation Tools Europe
Head of Risk Analysis and Planning Continental Europe / Northern Europe
Head of Short Term Desk Power Germany
Head Sales Manager Central Eastern Europe
Head Subsurface Manager Europe / Africa
Investment Director Power Plant Turkey
Junior Analyst Power Risk Team Continental Europe
Key Account Manager Continental Europe
LNG Originator Senior Southern Europe, UK, Continental Europe
LNG Spot Trader Southern Europe, UK, Continental Europe
LNG Operations Senior Expert Central Eastern Europe
Portfolio Analyst Continental Europe
Head Origination Gas & Power Turkey
Head Origination North Western Corridor Germany, Benelux, UK
Portfolio Manager Sales Central Eastern Europe
Power Senior Trader Central Eastern Europe
Pricing Manager Continental Europe
Principal Geoscientist / Geophysicist Europe / Russia
Principal Reservoir Engineer Europe / Russia
Principal Scouting Advisor Europe / Russia
Project Developer Gas Storage Continental Europe
Prop Power Trader Continental Europe
Regional Director Gas Storage Austria
Risk Manager Gas Portfolio Continental Europe / Northern Europe
Risk Manager Gas Portfolio-IT Europe
Risk Manager Hedging & Risk Capital Allocation Europe
Risk Manager Power Portfolio Continental Europe
Sales Expert Transfer Pricing Continental Europe
Sales Trader Continental Europe
Senior Analyst Power Risk Team Europe
Senior Curve Gas Trader Continental Europe / Northern Europe
Senior Director Risk Management SEE / Turkey
Senior Expert EOR Europe / SEE
Senior Expert Financial Services Europe
Senior Expert Geophysicist Europe
Senior Expert Reservoir Engineering Europe
Senior Expert Sales Trading Europe
Senior Key Account Manager Austria Austria
Senior Key Account Manager France France
Senior Key Account Manager Germany Continental Europe
Senior Originator Gas UK / Northern Europe
Senior Originator Gas Continental Europe
Senior Pipeline Manager Offshore Europe
Senior Pipeline Manager On-shore Europe
Senior Quant Europe
Senior Regional Director Albania Albania / US
Senior Regional Director Bulgaria Bulgaria
Senior Regional Director Greece Greece (on hold)
Senior Regional Director Romania Romania
Senior Regional Director Serbia Ex-Yugoslavia
Senior Regional Director Turkey Turkey / UK
Senior Risk Analyst Internal Markets Europe
Senior Risk Manager Power Portfolio Europe
Senior Portfolio Manager Long Term Europe
Senior Spot Gas Trader Continental Europe / Northern Europe
Senior Structured Trader Gas Continental Europe / Northern Europe
Senior Trader Power Continental Europe / UK
Senior Trader Hungary CEE
Senior Trader Italy Southern Europe
Senior Trader Gas & Oil Europe
Senior Trader Longterm Europe
Senior Trader Longterm UK UK
Senior Regional Director Albania SEE
Senior Technical Expert Power Plants Continental Europe
Specialist Energy Economic Reporting & Sales Generation Europe
Specialist Risk Analysis Planning Europe
Specialist Risk Reward and Optimisation Tools Europe
Structured Quant CEE
Technical Director LNG Plant Lithuania (project on hold)
Trader Western Europe Central Europe
Trader CEE CEE
Trader SEE SEE
Technical Board Member CZ
Technical Investment Manager Disruptive Energy Global
Vice President Business Origination SEE
Vice President Origination CEE