Energy Finance

The financial crisis triggered a rethinking and a re-evaluation of the financing strategies in the energy market. The focus has shifted to liquidity strategies, secured financing, cutting down and reduction of non-essential capital expenditure. In addition, changes in regulations, technological advancements, and the need to comply with environmental standards have increased the necessity to think-out-of-the box and find new niches when it comes to financial investments.

Consequently, major energy companies started their own corporate venture capital funds with the goal of investing in new technologies that can provide a breakthrough and shape the future of energy usage. In order to gain a new competitive advantage by making the right investments, it is crucial to have highly skilled experts who can look ahead and set the tone for the future.

Besides the technical and commercial knowledge in transactions, those candidates have to provide high personal integrity and confidentiality, an excellent relationship network within relevant regions, high competence in regulatory affairs and an awareness of current as well as future market trends.

GJP International supported the investment and banking sector by successfully recruiting various high-profile positions within energy finance. Among these roles were commercial and technical investment managers, M&A experts…