Renewable Energy

Since 2012 we see, for the first time ever, a global reduction in renewable energy investments with a shift in activities from developed to developing countries. China especially increased its investments by over 20% as well as African or South American countries. Reasons for the investment drop in the Western hemisphere are mainly due to significantly lower solar prices, weakened economies and uncertainties in regulatory policy (e.g. changes in feed-in tariffs). The 20-20-20 package of the EU commission still aims to significantly decarbonize energy production in the EU. Nevertheless there are ongoing discussions to restore its declining competitiveness by supporting the development of cheap energy, including shale gas, while cutting green energy subsidies. 

There is also a shift in investment size; while investments in small scale projects have increased, asset finance of large projects has slipped. As public market investors are hesitating in further investing in the renewable sector, some huge hedge funds are entering the European market due to low investment prices.

After recruiting in a first and second wave mainly Project Developer and highly specialized Technicians, in 2012/2013 we have recruited Investment Directors, Cleantec Fund Managers, Commercial/Technical Directors for growing the business in a specific region or area.