European crude oil comes from a wide range of sources including the North Sea, Russia and CIS, Middle East, and North and West Africa. A major source of energy, oil transgresses issues of local energy policy, becoming highly susceptible to global geopolitical trends. The last decade has been nothing less than a rollercoaster ride for the stakeholders of the industry; we were made to worry about peak oil and we watched production on major reservoirs come to a halt in the Arab spring, just for the pessimistic expectations to be flipped into optimism thanks to advances in technology and ability to access new giant fields.

Shale gas exploitation, improvements in subsurface imaging, in-situ molecular manipulation and many other topics are broad issues that have leapfrogged ahead in their conception and execution thanks to technological progress. With new issues ready to impact the long term prospects of the oil industry arising almost daily, whether in upstream, midstream or downstream areas, optimization of processes has come increasingly to the fore, both from a technical and commercial point of view.

Technology and commercial success however are only enabled through ideas and competences generated by the professionals working in this industry. Access to a skilled employee pool is gaining in significance daily, especially in the face of accelerated technological breakthroughs and quiet threats such as peak demand.

GJP International has served clients of varying sizes in this dynamic business, resulting in a string of successful hires at all levels, from Reservoir Engineers and G&G experts, to Business Developers, to Project Planners, etc…